Get To Know The New Shea Butter

Get To Know The New Shea Butter

You thought you knew your shea butter. You already slather that baby all over your skin and sometimes your hair because you know how soft and shiny it’s guaranteed to make them both. You love your shea. You hoard your shea. You stan for it!

But what if I told you there’s a better shea butter out there? There is! And it’s a naturally sweet smelling, incredibly creamy and more moisturizing one than the one you know. Let me introduce you to Nilotica Shea Butter. 

Okay, it’s not exactly new as the title of this post suggests. But it’s definitely not as widely known and it’s not as widely grown. You see, there are two types of shea:


Vitellaria Paradoxa, which is the shea butter you typically see. In its natural state, it can be on the harder side and sometimes very waxy. It also has a pretty particular and strong scent that can be off putting to some people. You can get around that by buying the refined or deodorized version of this butter. It’s cultivated in about 21 countries (known as the shea belt), including Ghana, Benin, Ethiopia, Senegal and Nigeria.



Vitellaria Nilotica, the “new new” I described earlier, and that we use in our premium body buttercream. Nilotica shea butter never gets hard, doesn’t need to be deodorized, and has a higher content of Vitamin F than Paradoxa… which is key to making it an even better skin moisturizer. This butter is grown only in the East African countries of Uganda and South Sudan. It’s rarity makes it a premium alternative you can’t help but fall in love with. There are plenty of other benefits to using Nilotica, but we’ll get into that in another post!


We source our Nilotica shea butter from a women’s cooperative in Northern Uganda, whose core philosophies are founded on sustainability and fair trade. Every time you buy a jar of our Body Buttercream, you’re making an investment in your skin and these women who are working hard to build their communities!

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