5 Habits for Healthy Skin

5 Habits for Healthy Skin

We all know the things we should be doing to get the glowing skin we want.. Eating healthy, exercising, treatments... a lot of these things are hard or can get expensive. Here's 5 easy tips that make a huge difference in your skin's appearance, and are super easy to implement right away!

Cool Down Your Shower! If you're like me, you prefer your shower scalding hot... and while that might warm you up and make you feel relaxed, its actually terrible for your skin and will cause excessive dryness.

Use Gentle Soaps. Soaps that are very strongly scented, colored or use harsh chemicals can contribute to stripping your skin of the moisture it needs. Choose soaps made of gentle, natural ingredients that offer moisturizing as well as cleansing properties.

Exfoliate. Both your the skin on your face and body benefit from removing dead skin cells to from their surface. Seek out scrubs that are suited for the area you're exfoliating and for your level of sensitivity... not all scrubs are created equal.

Pat Dry. Everyone does it... wiping our bodies down with our towels after a shower. Except, if you really want to help the hydration levels of your skin, you want to pat yourself dry, to leave some of that moisture on the surface of your skin.

Moisturize Immediately. Remember what I said about patting yourself dry? Take immediate advantage of that thin layer of moisture you left behind by immediately sealing it in with your preferred moisturizer. This works especially well when using only a body butter on your skin. 

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