Atelier Meroë is a small batch, luxury natural skincare line which creates exotic blends using the least amount of ingredients to deliver nourishing, safe goodness to your skin. We scoured the globe to find unique and powerful butters, oils and other plant derivatives and chose those with a history of traditional use in their native lands.

Founded in Montreal but currently headquartered in the beautiful Garden State, New Jersey. Our team is composed of two cousins with a shared vision of bringing sustainable, indigenous skincare to the world. Samanta, the CEO, is an experienced entrepreneur with a background in nursing, specialized in post-cosmetic surgery care. She runs a successful line of aromatherapy products and she infuses our products with her knowledge of essential oils and their impact on our minds and spirits. Christine, the CFO (Chief Formulating Officer), is a graduate of Formula Botanica whose experience creating natural skincare alternatives for herself was refined through her Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation.

Our Name

Atelier is a french word meaning workshop. It’s often associated to the workshops of artists and designers, and so we felt it fit well since our process for creating our blends is first and foremost artistic. We create in a hygienic environment, but one that is creative, inspiring, and zen.

Meroë is the name of an ancient wealthy metropolis which was part of the Kingdom of Kush, off the river Nile, in what is now known as Sudan. Not much is known about this great city, which is home to pyramids and was a hub of trade and agriculture, because its scrolls are written in Meroïc, a yet-to-be deciphered language. We found the story of this city to be enchanting, and reminder that a beautiful people prospered and lived well off the natural gifts of the land.