Our philosophy, Soulful Skincare, is based on the idea that our formulas are complemented by thoughtfully blended essential oils known for their impact on the mind and soul. It is also about the care and intention that is put into every step of our process.

We do alot of research on our ingredients. Though they are not easy to find, we use only 100% natural and approved actives and additives such as preservatives. We promise to stay away from toxic chemicals and known carcinogens, so you could practically eat our products (though we wouldn’t recommend it… they aren’t as tasty as they smell!)

We strive to be as eco-friendly as possible, whether it concerns our choice of packaging or the carbon footprint involved in working with a given supplier.

Finally, when it comes to our raw ingredients, we only work with supplies who can certify the natural and fair trade origins of their materials. When possible, our suppliers have direct relationships with the people and communities growing and processing the ingredients, so we know that we are positively impacting the world with every product we make. Atelier Meroƫ also commits to reinvesting in charities through profit sharing, first through established organizations and eventually through direct work with agricultural coops.